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As a first-year college student, finding a summer internship is tough. There are not many opportunities out there for freshmen, even less during a global pandemic. I was very overwhelmed by the circumstances and how abruptly my first year of college had ended, so I knew I had to do something interesting during the summer. Luckily I did, otherwise I would’ve probably lost my mind (we all kind of did during 2020 though).

I had been learning about venture capital and talking with different people involved in the startup community in Rochester, New York — where I go to college—…

To continue with the Student Entrepreneur Series, I am super excited to share the story of Hector Castillo Carvajal.

I came across Hector’s profile a year ago when I was researching about the experience of minority entrepreneurs. As someone who considers herself a “coffee addict”, I was amazed by the idea of a fellow Yellowjacket (University of Rochester) starting a coffee brand. Moreover, as a proud Latina myself 🇺🇾, it was great to see a young Latino 🇩🇴 making his way into the coffee industry.

Hector is the founder of Don Carvajal Cafe, a specialty coffee brand based in South…

Shelley Xueying Chen

As a Program Assistant at the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship, I often come across a variety of entrepreneur profiles. From local founders of small businesses in Rochester, to UR researchers who started their own companies. I always find myself amazed by the incredible ventures these people are leading. However, I have to admit that the entrepreneur profile that intrigues me the most is the student one: how can someone manage to get a product or service to market successfully while taking college courses and not having tons of experience?

To answer this question, I’ve decided to write a series of…

Fernanda Sesto

21 | 🇺🇾 | @UofR | innovation & impact ✨ | coffee addict, in love with movement, feminist, and geek 👩🏻‍💻

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